Google Launches Search Console Insights

Sharing insights from Google Analytics data, Search Console now offers a new web performance dashboard that shows you the real-time performance of your site’s pages and web properties. With Search Console Insights, you can access a wealth of data about your Google accounts from a single pane, including how visitors navigate your site, what pages […]

UX: an important SEO ranking factor

As the title suggests, this is a post about SEO, or search engine optimization. Just like a lot of other subjects, SEO is a very broad topic. For example, some of the tips I mention in this post will improve your organic rankings, while others will only impact pay-per-click (PPC) traffic. In this post, I’ll […]

Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company In India 2021

Mobile phones are the most expensive electronic devices a person owns in their lifetime, and they are also a crucial part of our lives. Without a mobile phone, we can’t stay in touch with our family, friends and business associates. It’s very important to make sure that we are insured in case of an accident […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, MacBook Air and more are on sale today

If you’re looking for the perfect gadget, you need to know what’s on sale today. We’re here to help, with reviews and deals from today’s top tech deals. It’s a good day to get excited about technology. Today is the day when Samsung is bringing some of its most innovative products to market, and today […]

Does Fitbit Have SIM Card?

To get an idea of how well Fitbit tracks your daily physical activity, I challenged myself to track physical activity for a full week, logging steps taken and calories burned on a daily basis. I also logged how long I was active by tracking my sleep on Fitbit as well. Fitbit is a company that […]

Facebook Watch to have Front & Back Cameras

Facebook has been adding a plethora of features to its Watch platform, and today, the company announced a new camera feature for the platform. This means that Watch users will be able to capture photos from the rear lens of their device. The new version of Facebook Watch is currently in beta, but it looks […]

Fix Can’t Type in Windows 10 Search Bar or Settings

Windows 10 has a new “Start” and “Settings” interface, and they’re both a bit confusing to use. But to make matters even more complicated, some of the Search settings are buried in a new “Search” tab in Settings, where you need to navigate to a different page to set up a Cortana Search box. There […]

5 Essential Home Studio Equipment For In-house Setup

Home Studio setups are a common discussion topic among creatives and sound engineers, as the proper equipment is a key factor in getting a good sounding, well-balanced mix. Although there are many equipment options out there and many brands to choose from, the most important equipment to consider for your home studio setup is the […]

How to fix Twitch Mods Tab Not Loading (7 Methods)

1. The Home Tab is simply not loading, or has stopped loading.  It can happen for many different reasons.  The first two I will cover are; you can open the tab and the stream will load, but if you click on a mod, nothing happens. This is where the stream does not load because of […]

Telefunken Diamond Culinnan Reset & Unlock When Forgot Password

If you own a Telefunken headphon, you have probably forgotten the password to unlock your phone. Well, this will help you to reset your Telefunken phone and unlock your Telefunken phone. This software will help you to reset your Telefunken phone and unlock your Telefunken phone. This software is not made by Telefunken, but I […]