Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company In India 2021

Mobile phones are the most expensive electronic devices a person owns in their lifetime, and they are also a crucial part of our lives. Without a mobile phone, we can’t stay in touch with our family, friends and business associates. It’s very important to make sure that we are insured in case of an accident or damage to our mobile phone.

Mobile phone insurance companies are a dime a dozen. You see them everywhere. Many of them are very good. Others, however, are not. We can tell you, though, that the company we recommend is among the best. This is because we use our own proprietary algorithm to determine the rankings of mobile phone insurance companies. All you have to do is decide which one you want to go with.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable mobile phone insurance plan in India for your Apple iPhone X, then you should look no further than HDFC Life Insurance Company. HDFC Life Insurance Company is one of the most trusted mobile phone insurance companies in India, offering a wide range of plans for different budgets of clients. HDFC Life Insurance Company is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in India, and it is a safe bet for all the customers as you can go through their reviews and find out the best insurance company in India. If you are looking for a list of best insurance companies in India, then you should definitely visit

Nobody wants their new mobile phone to be damaged. Although the phones are covered by a warranty, it is limited to software or hardware problems that are not the fault of the user. However, if you are worried about breaking or losing your phone, cell phone insurance can help. Many smartphone manufacturers offer cell phone insurance when you buy a new phone, but not all do. So, if you are looking for the best mobile phone insurance in India, you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of the best phone insurance policies in India that you can take out to cover damage to your phone.

OneAssist Mobile Insurance

OneAssist is one of the best mobile phone insurance policies that protects your smartphones from breakage and physical damage. Moreover, with OneAssist you benefit from an extended warranty. It also offers theft insurance, which is only available on individual plans. OneAssist offers 100% cashless repairs and also delivers the smartphone to your home for free. What else do you get with OneAssist mobile insurance? Well, it gives you a hassle-free damage assessment. OneAssist provides 24×7 support to help users resolve their issues. If you’re looking for reliable cell phone insurance that covers damage to your phone, try OneAssist’s cell phone insurance.

On site Continue to

word-image-5984 Next on the list of mobile insurance is Onsite Go. This insurance, like the others, is not limited to smartphones, but also covers damage to digital cameras, air conditioners, laptops, TVs and various other electronic devices. The protection plan can be purchased from the company or on Amazon. There are several insurances available, including extended warranty, screen protection, spill protection and drop protection. Screen Protection covers screen repairs until the end of the policy period. With spill and drop protection, your insurance covers physical damage to your phone or damage caused by liquids. If you want to subscribe to this plan, you must decide on the same day you buy your phone. The extended warranty plan is an extension of the warranty period that only covers software and hardware failures of the manufacturer, not the user.

Telephone insuranceAkko

word-image-5985 Acko Mobile Insurance is one of the best mobile insurance policies you can buy right now. If you buy a mobile phone from Amazon, you have the option to buy insurance from Acko. You can get Acko mobile insurance only for new devices. Insurance does not cover refurbished or used equipment. Acko mobile insurance covers damage from liquids, accidental damage to property. Damage to screens is also covered by Acko. Certain items are not covered by insurance, including theft of the device, loss of the device, damage reported after seven days and damage to accessories, including the SIM card and memory card.

Syska Gadget Secure Mobile Assurance

word-image-5986 Syska Gadget Secure is a pretty reliable insurance policy that you can choose. In addition to insurance, it also offers features like locking, device tracking and virus protection. You can only choose insurance for new phones. The insurance covers damage caused by fire, theft and liquidation. You must purchase a Syska Gadget Secure insurance package to receive coverage. You must purchase and register it online within 48 hours of purchasing your new smartphone.

Airtel Secured Mobile Insurance

word-image-5987 The last cell phone insurance on our list is Airtel Secure Mobile Insurance. You can get a plan for any cell phone you own that is less than a year old from the date of the bill. It should be noted that this plan is only available to post-paid subscribers of Airtel. Insurance will be cancelled if you try to switch from post-paid to pre-paid. The insurance covers all accidental and liquid damage to your smartphone. You can activate your insurance via the My Airtel app and it will be valid for one year. Here are some of the best mobile phone insurance policies in India that you can choose from. Insurance does cover any damage to your devices, but you need to be more careful and use your phone properly.

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It’s a good idea to protect your phone from accidents and theft, but don’t just buy a plan from the name of a company you’ve never heard of. As we all know, names can be deceptive, and they often hide the quality of the coverage and assistance you can expect. Here, 13tongimp has compiled a list of India’s best-known mobile phone insurance companies. We’ve selected the best from each company, based on their claims about coverage, promptness of service, and overall approach to customer care. You’ll find all the details of each company at the end of this post.. Read more about syska mobile insurance review and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best mobile phone insurance?

We will keep this post short and simple. If you are in India, then you should know that most of the mobile phone companies in India, including Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio, and BSNL (and many others) are constantly plagued with issues of network connectivity, which often results in lost calls, dropped calls, poor network reception and slow internet. So, what is the best mobile phone insurance if you are facing this? Priya Indukumar works as an editor at Moneycontrol and is a tech enthusiast. Being an avid gamer, he is pretty familiar with the best deals out there and is constantly on the lookout for the best mobile phone insurance. As he puts them all together in one post, he puts forth his opinion about the best insurance package for your phone.

Can I buy insurance for my old phone?

It’s been a while now that the world has seen a new smartphone from Apple. The latest iPhone X comes with a new design that is a bit similar to the iPhone 8.  However, the iPhone X is expected to be out in the market sometime in November end. The latest iPhone model is by far the best-looking one so far from Apple. As smartphones become more and more important to our lives, we are increasingly worried about what happens to our devices if they get damaged. We want to be able to replace them and keep our phones working for as long as possible. There are several things you should consider before buying insurance for your phone.

How is ACKO mobile insurance?

Let’s see how you think you’ll need insurance. You just purchased the Note 8, and get a Samsung’s new phone, “Note 9” when you release. Now, you want to upgrade your phone to a Note 10, so you immediately call the ACKO mobile insurance company. You are told that the new phone is already insured. You were told that you just bought a new phone, so you insured the old one. You were told to buy a new phone, so you insured the old one. You were told to buy a new phone, so you insured the old one. You were told to buy a new phone, so you insured the old one. You were told to buy a new phone, so you insured the old one The day was finally here, the company I had been waiting for had gotten its mobile insurance license. I was thrilled but also confused. What is this “mobile insurance” company that was going to be in my life again?

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