Patrol Officers Early Access Release Date Announced

Some of you already know that we’ve been working hard on getting the first ever early access release of Patrol Officers for PC up and running. This is a huge milestone for us as we’ve spent the last few months developing the game over and above our own time. As you all know, the PC […]

What is actually a holiday lending?

There are many advantages to having a holiday loan for a gaming console, like borrowing a game for your friend who forgot theirs, or playing it without having to buy your own. But just what is this “holiday lending” thing? Let’s find out. The holiday lending is the most common way which people lend money […]

ROG Phone 5 –

The Republic of Gamers is one of Asus’ favorite brands, and the company has been expanding it with its ROG Phone 5. This is the newest iteration of the company’s series of gaming-oriented handsets, and it comes with some serious improvements, including a built-in cooling system, and a lot more display real estate. This is […]

What’s a Photo Editor? –

Taking photos with your phone is a great way to capture memories on the go. However, sometimes the photos that come out of your camera are not as good as you might hope because you accidentally moved, the lighting is poor, or you forgot to adjust the white balance. These kinds of problems can be […]

What killed Among Us? – Gaming News Games Guide

We all know that Among Us is dead, but where did it go wrong? What could have been done differently? What mistakes did they make? What can we learn from it? The news was unexpected and caused a lot of excitement in the gaming community, especially with fans of the series. It was announced that […]