Google Launches Search Console Insights

Sharing insights from Google Analytics data, Search Console now offers a new web performance dashboard that shows you the real-time performance of your site’s pages and web properties. With Search Console Insights, you can access a wealth of data about your Google accounts from a single pane, including how visitors navigate your site, what pages they interact with, the searches they perform and the devices and languages they use. It’s also possible to view this data for multiple sites in the same dashboard.

It’s called Search Console Insights, and it’s open to all search marketers and webmasters. What’s more, it’s a new tool Google announced at the end of last year, and it’s designed to help webmasters optimize their pages for search engines. Under the hood, it uses a modeling approach to help webmasters identify and diagnose issues that are holding back their search rankings.

Google is rolling out a new experience called Search Console Insights to help website owners better understand their audience. This experiment combines data from Search Console and Google Analytics to better understand content effectiveness. word-image-3024 Search Console Insights data helps site owners answer such questions: View More information below

  • Which of your media are the most effective and which are the most popular?
  • How do people discover your content online?
  • What do people search for on Google before they visit your content?
  • Which article refers users to your website and content?

Site owners can access Search Console Insights through a new link at the top of the overview page. It will soon be available through the Google app for iOS, and support for an Android app is also planned. word-image-3025 You can use Search Console Insights without Google Analytics, but you must link the two tools to get the full benefits. View More information below Search Console Insights currently only supports Google Analytics UA properties, although the company is working on support for Google Analytics 4. This new experience will be gradually rolled out to all Search Console users over the next few days. Update… Source: Google Search Engine Blog

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Console insights?

Google has just launched new Search Console Insights data for website owners to help them improve their rankings. The reports collate data from several sources, including Google Analytics, Ads and Sitelinks data, and are intended to help website owners improve their search rankings by identifying opportunities to improve their websites. Search Console Insights is an awesome new tool in the Google Analytics menu. It is used to view your website’s search traffic data in the new and improved Analytics interface. You can also use it to analyze your website’s search engine rankings, to see how your site fared with a specific query.

Is Google Search Console part of Google Analytics?

Google has launched a new feature called Search Console Insights that provides a front-end view of your website’s performance. You can check on: how well your website is performing from a search point of view, how well your content is performing in the search engines, and how well your website is performing from a usability point of view. Google today announced the launch of Google Search Console Insights, a new addition that gives directly-facing insights into how people are using search and Chrome’s new tab page (aka Chrome Home).

What does Google Search Console do?

Google’s new Search Console tools provide insight into a website’s health by providing developers with a number of ways to improve the way their sites load, make their content more accessible to people with disabilities, and increase click-through rates. Those who want to take advantage of these tools can do so early on via an automated process that performs checks on their sites. Google launched Search Console Insights this week. This new Search Console feature offers a deep-dive look into how your site is performing and how Googlebot is addressing it. Read more on Search Console Insights

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