How To Become A Pinterest Manager In 2022 – Simple Guide

How To Become A Pinterest Manager

It might be an ideal choice for you to pursue a career on the platform if you are a big fan of it. This article will tell you How To Become A Pinterest Management. One of the best ways to use this social media site is to work as a manager of pins on the board.

A basic understanding of the platform to succeed in gaining your first client is all you need to succeed in this career. There are a few things you need to know if you want to be the best at pinning. It’s a unique job that requires a lot of hard work and creativity to be successful. You will learn how to become a pinboard manager, how much money you can make working as a pinboard manager, and a lot more. It’s time to get started!

Do Your Research

Do you have what it takes to work in the world of Pinterest? You will need to have a basic understanding of how to work as a pinboard manager.

If you want to manage a business on the board, you need to confirm a website, enable rich pins, and maximize a profile on the board.

Use tools such as Boardbooster to write a pin description, create quality boards, find and join group boards, and perform pin analysis.

I told you that running a Pinterest page and working as a Pinterest manager was more than just repining the taco salad recipe over and over.

Create A Free Portfolio On Pinterest

If you are just starting out, you can start a page, manage it, grow it, and watch the analytics. Use your Pinterest page as a sample of your portfolio and experiment with various techniques to get your statistics up. This way, when you pitch to a client, you can show them the results they can expect if they work with you.

Analyze Your Competition And Emulate Them

It’s important to emphasize the word ’emulate’. Don’t copy the same thing over and over. Take a look at the competition, see what they are doing, and repeat. Look at how they present their services, price their packages, what they offer, that kind of thing. Pick and choose sure-fire tricks from a few people that are succeeding in the same field and implement what works best for you.

Find Clients And Reach Out To 

You will need to market yourself as well because you will need to be the marketing manager for your client. It is not an ideal world in which we all have jobs that fall into our laps. 

To find potential clients, you need to get the word out and ask people if they’re interested in growing their business with pins. Send a cold pitch to small business owners, email companies, and look for VA vacancies on social networking sites.

Do More Research

If you talk to your clients, you will nail that interview. If you learn about their business, show them how you can grow their reach with Pinterest, then maybe you won’t stalk them. If you really want to make that sale, here are a few things you can do.

If they already have a piny account, go through their profile and see where you can help them improve their pins. They can help the client achieve their goals by growing their business and brand through Pinterest if they come up with 5 pin ideas. If you want to give them ideas on how to reuse their content for pins on the board, look through their main website.

Create A Website Or Portfolio 

You might want to set up a website where potential clients can see what you have to offer, once you get your first client. You can use this opportunity to eliminate services that you don’t like doing.

Market Yourself 

You’ve just become a Pinterest Manager! Now it’s time to share the news with the rest of the world. Forgetting to market yourself is one of the most common mistakes amateur freelancers, virtual assistants, and Pinterest Managers make.

Also, building your brand and being recognized for providing valuable and trustworthy content is a key aspect to building a successful online business. This involves things like getting a solid social media following, writing about topics that interest your audience, and connecting with them regularly.

This will help you bring organic leads, but also build a loyal audience who may in the future want to buy your services, digital products, or courses, so it is also good for building different streams of income! You don’t have to be active on all of the social media platforms, but you can start by using either of the platforms.

You might have struggled to find a website where you can instantly download Pinterest videos. If this is the case with you, check mute: a video downloading tool that will allow you to download videos from Pinterest or any other platform you wish to.


I hope that these tips will help you to become a Pinterest manager. I have shared with you some effective ways to get more followers and likes on your account. Make sure that you follow these tips and you will definitely become a Pinterest manager in no time.

So, here are the best tips that will help you to become a Pinterest manager. If you have any doubts then you can comment below. We will be glad to answer all your queries. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know How To Become A Pinterest Management. thanks for reading!