ROG Phone 5 –

The Republic of Gamers is one of Asus’ favorite brands, and the company has been expanding it with its ROG Phone 5. This is the newest iteration of the company’s series of gaming-oriented handsets, and it comes with some serious improvements, including a built-in cooling system, and a lot more display real estate. This is the third generation of the ROG Phone, and the fanfare is less than it was for the first two generations, mainly because this is a mid-cycle upgrade  for the series as a whole, rather than a brand new launch from the ground up.

The new ROG Phone 5 is ASUS’ latest flagship gaming phone and it’s frankly a heck of a lot better than the ROG Phone 5. The new ROG Phone 5 has a few upgrades over the ROG Phone 5 such as a newer processor, an improved camera, longer battery life, and an overall better display.

We’ve been testing the ROG Phone since its release about two years ago. And if you go back to that article (which you can read here), mobile games have come a long, long way since then. It was interesting to see how ASUS manages to make the new generation ROG Phone better than the previous one. In the fourth iteration, yes, they missed the number 4. Here’s our test of the ASUS ROG Phone 5.

What’s in the box

ASUS ROG was kind enough to offer us a test of the ROG Phone 5. We got the standard version, which comes with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It is also equipped with an AeroActive Cooler 5. You can see what’s in the box of the standard version here. You get a box printed with a cool AR strip. The device itself, the Aero Case, the sticker pack, the HyperCharger 65W, the USB-C braided charging cable and the AeroActive Cooler 5. word-image-5345


word-image-5346 It seems that ASUS is looking at user feedback and really listening to what they have to say. And who would have thought they would give users what they want – choice. The ROG Phone 5 is available in 4 different models for users to choose from. The device we were sent is the standard ROG Phone 5 in ghost black. You can also purchase this option in Storm White if you prefer lighter tones. First of all, the vital statistics. The phone measures 172.8 mm x 77.3 mm x 10.3 mm, making it huge. It is almost the same size as the previous generation and weighs about the same, 238g. word-image-5347 The front looks a lot like the previous generation, until the screen hits you and you notice thinner bezels and a smaller front camera. The screen is slightly larger (6.78) and has a screen-to-body ratio of 82%, compared to the ROG Phone 3’s 6.59, which has a screen-to-body ratio of 79.9%. word-image-5348 You can also customize the sound of your phone with AudioWizard. I tried them with Grado headphones and the DAC, the ESS Sabre ES9280AC Pro, produces a very clear sound. word-image-5349 word-image-5350 The phone is protected all around by Corning Gorilla Glass to ensure a durable design. The front screen features Gorilla Glass Victus, which is drop resistant up to 2 meters, which is certainly nice, but you should avoid dropping the phone as often as possible. The back is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, which also makes it very smooth. But the good news is that the ROG Phone 5 comes with a free Aero Case for a better grip and it’s also compatible with the AeroActive Cooler 5. word-image-5351 If you’re familiar with the ROG Phone, you’ll find the same layout on the left and right sides of the phone. On the right side you will find the power switch, volume control and AirTrigger 5. word-image-5352 On the left, you no longer have to wonder which USB-C port to plug your power adapter into. ASUS has changed the name of the port to make it less confusing. You now have a primary USB-C charging port. ASUS says you may need to plug a charger into this port if your battery is at zero to start charging. And there is a contact especially designed for the AeroActive Cooler 5. word-image-5353 word-image-5354 The AeroActive Cooler 5 has also been upgraded: a thinner profile and 2 physical buttons. However, the physical buttons seem too fragile to me and take some getting used to. ASUS, if you are reading this, make a click button. Oh, it also serves as a phone holder. word-image-5355 word-image-5356 On the bottom, you’ll see the USB Type-C port for charging and HOL UP – what’s that? The 3.5mm jack is back and works with the ESS SABRE DAC to ensure maximum sound quality. word-image-5357 The party’s in the back. If you buy the standard ROG Phone 5, you get an illuminated ROG logo similar to the Matrix design of the Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop. It can now also display different color gradients and has 8 different lighting scenarios that you can define in Armoury Crate. word-image-5358 I mentioned earlier that the ROG Phone 5 is available in 4 design variants, and so far we’ve looked at the first two, which is the standard ROG Phone that comes in white (Storm White) or black (Phantom Black). There’s also the ROG Phone 5 Pro, which is only available in ghost black, and instead of a backlit logo, you get a PMOLED array called the ROG Vision. This is an OLED screen on the back of the phone that can display different images for different scenarios, for example. For example, if you’re playing a game, you get loaded or someone calls you. In addition to the ROG Phone 5 Pro, there is also the flagship and high-end model, the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. The Ultimate comes in Storm White, but with a matte finish and features a monochrome PMOLED screen. Plus, it’s a limited edition, so if you love this model, you should buy it soon. And one more thing: The Pro and Ultimate versions have additional AirTrigger sensors on the back, providing a similar benefit to the Xbox Elite controller. word-image-5359


This phone is designed for productivity. It has an equally powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor running at 2.84 GHz and features 16 GB of memory. This thing has the specs of a laptop on the size of a touchscreen tablet. But the processor alone does not make a gaming phone. In addition to pure performance, you need a stable network connection. The ROG Phone 5 is the first smartphone to support WiFi 6E. To use this function, your home network must of course support WiFi 6E. word-image-5360 We used to do AnTuTu comparison tests for smartphones to measure their performance against other phones on the market, but lately it has become increasingly difficult to install AnTuTu on Android phones due to the Play Protect lockout. To make the comparison easier, we’re going to use the benchmarks available in the Google Play Store so you can also see how your phone compares to the ROG Phone 5. word-image-5361 Geekbench 5 (single core/multi core results)

  • Non-X position 1119 / 3668
  • Mode X 1126 / 3708

3DMark (Wild Life X-Mode) 5732 word-image-5362 These stats far exceed those of other manufacturers’ flagship phones, meaning you won’t have to worry about stuttering in any game imaginable in the Android gaming space. At the time of testing, the ROG Phone 5 ranked 19th in the 3D Mark Wildlife benchmark.


The ROG Phone 5’s screen is premium. This is Samsung’s AMOLED E4 panel, one of the best screens on the market for media consumption. The panel has a brightness of up to 800 nits, which improves visibility during use. It is HDR 10+ certified and offers a wider color gamut for multimedia. The 144 Hz frequency is so good even when you’re not playing. word-image-5363 Powerful technical specifications combined with a high refresh rate give users a smooth experience anywhere on the phone. You can also set your phone’s screen refresh rate from 144 to 120 and 60, or to automatic if you don’t want to worry about it. Setting a lower refresh rate will prolong battery life. word-image-5364


As far as battery life goes, this is one of the best batteries I’ve used in a smartphone. It can easily handle a busy day with a mix of gaming, web browsing, video and music, and still have plenty of energy left at the end of the day. It is powered by 2 3000 mAh batteries with separate wires. This allows the battery to be charged faster because the current will flow from the center of both batteries. This design also controls temperature rise during charging and ensures longer life. The included 65W HyperCharge quickly charges your device from scratch. If you have an important play session, like. B. a tournament, you can use the passthrough feature, where the phone does not charge the battery, but uses power directly from the wall outlet.

Game experience

As always, the specs of the ROG Phone 5 are aimed primarily at gamers, and it performs on all fronts. The AirTriggers are an absolute joy, and the triggers on this phone are closer to the edge for better positioning and accuracy. I found triggers in about the same place. There are also many new inputs, with you having 14 touch points in the standard version of the ROG Phone 5 and 2 additional buttons in the Pro and Ultimate versions, as well as 2 additional physical buttons with AeroActive Cooler 5. word-image-5365 The Armory case is also a great addition to the ROG Phone 5. It is a game portal that collects games from the Google Play Store and presents them in a console format. You can sort the games by date of installation, alphabetically, by playing time, or customize them however you like. If you have a game outside the Google Play Store, you can add it manually. word-image-5366 It’s just a scratch on the surface. It also features Scenario Profiles 4.0, which allows users to customize the phone’s behavior when playing a particular game. This is very useful if you want to maximize battery life for Gacha games or maximize performance for competitive games like Wild Rift or COD:M. With advanced settings, you can even go to the lowest GPU/CPU settings. The Console tab provides general hardware information and various system modes for better battery management in different scenarios. word-image-5367 word-image-5368 It still has Game Genie, which you can use to improve the game, for example. B. by disabling notifications, locking brightness, optimizing features, and even displaying real-time information about FPS in games, CPU/GPU usage, device temperature, and battery life. You can also specify which games you want Game Genie to run. New to this Game Genie is a screen recorder that supports different FPS settings. It also has some questionable features, such as. B. adding crosshairs to games where they are not present, inverting colors to make enemies easier to spot, and a tricky subject like macros. word-image-5369 word-image-5370 However, if you want all the benefits of Game Genie without the hassle, you can enable esports mode, which is easily accessed by holding down the power button while Game Genie is active, to ensure you’re playing on a level playing field. word-image-5371


So this is the first time I’ve shown a camera in a review of the ROG Phone. It’s not the kind of phone I’d buy just for its camera, but it has a great camera that makes it a great everyday companion. The main camera is equipped with a 64MP Sony IMX686 sensor, the same as the previous generation. I don’t think it’s very good in low light, but if you’re in the sun, it takes decent pictures. Good enough to share picturesque views for your Instagram feed. The second camera is a 13MP camera with an ultra-wide angle of view and real-time distortion correction. And the third is a 5MP macro lens. I just tested each focal length to give you an idea of what the images will look like. This report was written when Metro Manila was under public quarantine, so there are no outside photos.


Before you is one of the best gaming smartphones of 2021. The ROG Phone gets better with each generation, and I’d say this model is the best of the bunch. From hardware to software, there’s everything a gamer needs to get into mobile gaming or continue to dominate it. word-image-5372 Games look great on the huge 144Hz screen, and the speakers provide an immersive experience, as if you were playing with large speakers in front of you. It may be big and heavy for a daily driver, but that weight and heaviness come in handy when you play with it in landscape mode. This is a very impressive phone that is hard to beat when it comes to software support and accessories. The ROG Phone 5 has truly impressive performance and gaming experience. Thanks to the long-life battery and fast charger, you can spend more time playing instead of being chained to an outlet, especially when this pandemic is over and we can all travel again. If you’re using the ROG Phone 3, it’s best to wait for the next generation because the upgrade won’t be as significant when you get the ROG Phone 5. The previous generation is still a powerful smartphone. For ₱39,995, you get value for money compared to flagship smartphones outside its price segment. A list of authorized resellers is available at this link.

Technical data

Weight and dimensions
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 5G mobile platform with a 2.84 GHz 64-bit octa-core processor based on 5nm technology.
  • Samsung AMOLED 6.78″ 20.4:9 (2448 x 1080) 144Hz / 1ms display
Rear view camera
Front camera
Video recording
  • 8K UHD video (7680 x 4320) at 30 frames per second for the main rear camera.
  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) video at 30/60 fps for the main rear camera, at 30 fps for the second rear camera
  • 1080p FHD video recording with 30 / 60 frames per second
  • 720p HD video recording at 30fps Electronic 3-axis image stabilization for rear camera Time-lapse (4K UHD video)
  • Time-lapse video (4K at 120 fps; 1080p at 240 / 120 fps; 720p at 480 fps)
Wireless technologies
  • Integrated WiFi 6E (802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, 2×2 MIMO)
  • Supports WiFi 2.4GHz/ 5GHz/ 6GHz Bluetooth® 5.2 (HFP + A2DP + AVRCP + HID + PAN + OPP), supports Qualcomm® aptX™.
  • Adaptive
  • Wi-Fi
  • NFC Direct
  • GPS (L1/L5)
  • GLONASS (L1)
  • BDS(B1/B2a)
  • GALILEO (E1/E5a)
  • QZSS (L1/L5)
  • NavIC(L5)
SIM Card Configuration
  • Two SIM card slots
  • Slot 1 : Nano 5G/4G/3G/2G SIM card
  • Slot 2 : Nano SIM 5G/4G/3G/2G Supports dual SIM / dual standby 5G+5G or 4G; 5G services are supported only in locations in countries that support 5G.
  • Gyroscopic sensor
  • Electronic compass sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Light sensor
  • In-display fingerprint sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Ultrasonic sensors for the AirTrigger 5 and the lever press
  • High capacity 6,000 mAh battery (average), Fast Charge 5.0 and PD Charging support
Power adapter

word-image-5373 DA Good Samsung AMOLED high-end screen Long battery life Excellent price/performance ratio Wrong prosecutor. No expandable memory Can be a little difficult for some Main camera