[Solved] ‘Failed to Install a Dependency’ Error on Kodi (2021)

Some Kodi users are reporting that they cannot install a dependency, and receive a message “Failed to install dependency”. This error message is usually caused by conflicts with another dependency installed on the same system.

If you encounter this issue, a couple of solutions exist. The simplest fixes are to: 1. Remove all Kodi add-ons from within Kodi 2. Recreate Kodi add-ons

In this troubleshooting guide, you will learn how to fix the error message Failed to install dependency in Kodi 18.9. This message appears during the installation of the addon if the corresponding dependencies cannot be installed.


Kodi is a powerful media player that not only plays local media files stored on your device, but also streams online content from all over the world. What makes Kodi really great are the third-party Kodi addons. These add-ons collect streams of your favorite content from different servers and allow you to play them online. But addons don’t work by themselves. They are highly dependent on external services, called dependencies.

Almost all addons need dependencies to scan the internet and retrieve feeds. In fact, most popular add-ons require multiple dependencies. When installing add-ons like Exodus Redux, Covenant, Yoda or other add-ons, the necessary dependencies will also be installed (if they are not already installed). However, if at least one dependency cannot be installed, Kodi will give a failed to install dependency error message. If the dependency is not installed, you will not be able to install the addon.

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Corrected error when installing the Kodi dependency

I’ve encountered this error several times, and after trying and testing different methods, I’ve come up with some troubleshooting ideas. While it is difficult to determine the exact cause of the error, I am sure that one of the following solutions will work for you.

1. Clear Kodi cache

Clearing Kodi’s cache can sometimes fix the Unable to install a dependency error. Clearing the cache is the best alternative to deleting all data, as you won’t lose your existing Kodi addons and settings.

The best way to clear the cache is with the Ares wizard. If you do not already have the Ares Wizard, install it first. Ares Wizard takes about 4-5 minutes to install, but it is a great tool.

Step one: Now start the Ares wizard. You can find it on the Kodi home screen > Add-ons > Software Add-ons.

Step two: When the wizard has loaded, click on the Maintenance tab at the top.

Step three: Then click on Clear Cache/Tempo in the Cache section on the right.

Step four: After clearing the cache, you will see the following message. Press OK to continue.

As you can see, the cache size on my system was only 1 MB. That’s because I recently reinstalled Kodi and don’t have many addons. The size of the cache will increase, and the bigger it is, the more problems can arise. This is why clearing the cache can help you resolve the Failed to install dependency error.

2. Delete Kodi data

Sometimes clearing the cache is not enough. In many cases the error Failed to establish dependency is more persistent and will not go away if you just flush the cache.  Another option is to uninstall and reinstall Kodi from scratch. In most cases, this will solve the problem. Before you do that, however, you should try deleting your Kodi data. Deleting your data will reset Kodi to factory settings and save you time.

If you get the error message Failed to install the dependency on the FireStick, you can reset the Kodi data on this device in the Settings menu. You can also use the Ares Wizard to clean up data on all supported Kodi devices (including the FireStick).

Install the Ares Wizard on Kodi and follow the steps below:

Step one: Start the Ares Wizard and click on the More tab in the upper right corner (left of Settings).

Step two: Now click on Clear/Resume All Data in the option row of the next screen.

Step three: Confirm your action by pressing Yes when prompted

Step four: Then indicate whether you want to save your favorites, sources, and addon settings, and then click Continue to continue.

Deleting Kodi data can take a minute or two, depending on the size of the data. Once the data is removed, Kodi is as good as new. You lose all your addons, including Ares Wizard.

3. Delete and restore the Kodi database

The Kodi database stores a lot of stuff in Kodi, and when it gets corrupted, errors occur that you’ve never seen before, like. B. Kodi installation error failed.

Restoring your Kodi database can magically help you get rid of many such problems almost immediately. The good news is that a corrupted database will not prevent you from using Kodi. You just see some mistakes. Here’s why you can fix it from within Kodi.

Here you will learn how to delete and restore the Kodi database:

Step one: Go to the Kodi home screen and click on Settings (the cog icon) in the top right corner.

Step two: Then click on File Management.

Step three: In the next window, click on Profile Directory.

Step four: Then click on Database.

Step 5: Now select Addons27.db and click on the corresponding button/key to call up the context menu (e.g. right-click on a Windows PC). Click on Delete in the pop-up window

Step six: Confirm your action by pressing Yes when prompted.

Seventh step: Now close Kodi and restart it after about a minute. Try reinstalling the addon you tried to install earlier when the dependency could not be installed error occurred.

Message: When you restart Kodi after deleting the database, go to Add-ons > My Add-ons and re-enable the existing add-ons.

4. KodiManual dependency setup

If nothing works, it would be a good idea to install the Kodi dependencies manually via the TVAddons repository. In fact, this is one of the first things you can try as it tends to solve the problem better than other solutions.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step one: Open the settings on the Kodi home screen and click on System Settings in the next window.

Step two: In the next screen, select the add-ons you see on the left and check Unknown Sources on the right.

Step three: Press Yes and confirm your action

Step three: Return to the Kodi home screen and this time go to Settings > File Management.

Step four: Click Add Source in the next window

Step 5: Now click on <No>.

Step six: Now enter the source URL http://fusion.tvaddons.co. Enter the URL correctly, as this is the source from which you will install the archive. Press OK to continue.

Seventh step: Type a name in the Enter a name for this media source text box. You can give it any name you want. I’m going to call it a merger so it’s easier to understand later. Press OK again to continue.

Step 8: Return to the Kodi home screen and this time tap Extras on the left.

Step 9: Click on the open field icon in the upper left corner of the next screen. This option is also called the package installer.

Step 10: Then click on Install from zip file.

Step 11: Now click Merge or the name you gave the source earlier.

Step 12: Open Kodi Repos

Step 13: Then press English.

Step 14: Scroll down and click on ‘repository.xbmchug-3.0.0.zip’ (version number may change).

Step 15: Wait until the message TV Addons Co repo installed appears in the top right corner of the screen.

You may need to install some additional dependencies from the TVAddons repository. Here are the steps to follow:

Step one: Return to the Kodi home screen, then go to Add-ons > Package Installer > Install from zip file (steps 9-11 above).

Step two: Press merge (or the name you chose earlier for the source) and open kodi scripts.

Step three: You should see some zip files here. One contains methandler in its name and the other urlresolver (see figure below).

Step four: Install each script in turn by simply clicking on it.

You have successfully installed all the necessary dependencies. Try reinstalling the same addon that gave you the error Dependency could not be installed. Chances are, this will solve the problem.

Kodi dependencies not met

The Kodi dependencies not met error is another common error related to dependencies, and it would be remiss of me not to mention it.

This issue often occurs when you try to install or use an addon that has already been updated to a new version of Kodi on an older version of Kodi. For example, I see an error when I try to install an addon designed for Kodi 18 on Kodi 17.6.

Many of the updated add-ons will continue to work with older versions, but not all. Fortunately, this problem is relatively easy to solve. All you need to do is update Kodi to the latest available version.

Note that Kodi does not support internal updates from within the application. Therefore, in most cases, you will need to reinstall. This means the loss of existing data, settings and installed add-ons.

Message: The Version dependency cannot be met error is similar to the Kodi dependencies are not met error and can usually be resolved by updating Kodi to the latest version. However, if the problem persists despite the update, resolve it using one of the other methods described above.

Check the Kodi log file

If nothing else, I recommend you take a look at the Kodi error log file. The Kodi log will help you determine what exactly is causing the problem.

Kodi has several addons that allow you to view the magazine and even download it from the web. Search the log for the error message failed to install dependency. Even if you can’t find the cause of the problem, you can share the log file and the Kodi experts will be able to help you better.


Dependencies are what addons depend on to get streams on Kodi. In my experience, I can say that the mistake of not establishing a dependency is not common. But if you have to deal with it, you want to have a solution at hand. Each of the above troubleshooting methods has worked for me at different times. I don’t see why they can’t solve this problem for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments section below.

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Dependency error is a type of error that occurs when a dependent file is unavailable. What is a dependency error? A dependency error is a type of error that occurs when a dependent file is unavailable.

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